Practical Good Answers Guide


DramaWest is delighted to announce the release of the Practical Good Answers Guide for 2020. Teachers and students will be able to view three candidates as they engage with the Practical Drama ATAR Examination. Each video contains a complete performance with detailed commentary and feedback. This guide also includes interviews with the candidates on how they best prepared for their practical examination.

Annotations and notes have been developed by experienced drama educators with clear advice to teachers and students about making the most of these performance materials. Teachers will receive a USB drive with high definition videos that can be aired in class for further study or at home by students.

Please be aware that DramaWest Incorporated holds full copyright for these materials. We ask that you purchase additional copies of the Practical GAG should you wish to share them further. Breaking copyright will make these materials near impossible to produce in the future. It is small organisations like DramaWest Incorporated who suffer the greatest impact.

To place your order for the Practical Good Answers Guide, please click here.

2020 Good Answers Study Guide


The DramaWest 2020 Good Answers Study Guide for the Drama ATAR Written Examination is due for release very shortly. Our 2020 Good Answers Study Guide has reached the final stages of publication and is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Those who have purchased pre-orders will receive a copy via express post within the next week. To purchase a 2020 Good Answers Study Guide, please click here.

Drama Australia Communique

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DramaWest is the Association of Drama Educators in Western Australia. We are linked to Drama Australia, which is the peak National Body that represents and advocates on behalf of all State and Territory Drama Education Associations in Australia. All members of State and Territory Drama associations are automatically members of Drama Australia. DramaWest represents and supports Drama Teachers across the State by providing a range of workshops, programs and resources which aid teachers in presenting the Western Australian Drama Curriculum to students.