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About Us

DramaWest is the Association of Drama Educators in Western Australia. We are linked to Drama Australia, which is the peak National Body that represents and advocates on behalf of all State and Territory Drama Education Associations in Australia. All members of State and Territory Drama associations are automatically members of Drama Australia. DramaWest represents and supports Drama Teachers across the State by providing a range of workshops, programs and resources which aid teachers in presenting the Western Australian Drama Curriculum to students.

Good Answers Guides 2019 to 2021

DramaWest is delighted to announce the release of our Practical and Written Good Answers Guides. We have made the exciting move to go digital! Below you will find information on both of our 2021 Guides, together with details on our 2019 and 2020 Guides, and how to order them all.

Written Good Answers Guide 2021
This guide is designed to assist teachers and students alike in preparing for the Written Drama ATAR Examination. Good Answer samples from the 2020 Drama ATAR Course Examination have been annotated to identify key features in successful responses. Also included are activities designed to extend your knowledge and guide the application of skills for future written examinations.

Practical Good Answers Guide 2021
Teachers and students are able to view three candidates as they engage with the Practical Drama ATAR Examination. Each video contains a complete performance with detailed commentary and feedback. This guide also includes interviews with the candidates on how they best prepared for their practical examination. Annotations and notes have been developed by experienced Drama educators with clear advice to teachers and students about making the most of these performance materials.

Past Good Answer Guides Available!
In other exciting news we have digitised our past Good Answers Guides and these can also be purchased and loaded to your USB via the link below. This includes:

  • Good Answers Guide 2019 – based on the Drama ATAR Written Examination 2018
  • 2020 Study Companion for the 2019 Good Answers Guide
  • 2020 Practical Good Answers Guide

To place your order and to view pricing, please click this link:

Please be aware that DramaWest Incorporated holds full copyright for these materials. We ask that you purchase additional copies of the Practical GAG should you wish to share them further. Breaking copyright will make these materials near impossible to produce in the future. It is small organisations like DramaWest Incorporated who suffer the greatest impact.

2022 Membership and Registration for Professional Learning Events

Please be advised that all memberships are due (memberships are now from January to December each year)

DramaWest has moved to a one-stop online invoice and payment platform that will allow you to process multiple requests at once. This currently includes:

  • Membership renewal and purchase
  • Event registration and payment
  • Purchasing of resources (including our practical and written Good Answers Guides)

Once you have submitted your request, you will then receive an invoice for your purchase. Tax receipts will also be generated and sent after payment.

Click here to purchase your membership for 2022:

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