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DANDJOO: Together

Dandjoo is the Noongar word for together / unite. Together, we are stronger. When we unite in our practice, in our classrooms and in culture, we can achieve wonderous things.

This year, we invite presenters and delegates to explore how we learn, play and walk together with one another, our students, and others; how we foster a sense of ‘togetherness’ in our drama classrooms; how drama experiences have the power to unite; and how we as drama education professionals come together to strengthen and grow our practice.

The conference will explore the main theme through three sub-themes:

DANDJOO KOORLINY (Walking Together)

How do you facilitate co-construction of meaning with your students, as opposed to leading/directing learning? How do we honour and effectively embed Indigenous and other perspectives into our drama classrooms? What content, resources and practices are available that enable us to engage with these perspectives in meaningful ways?

DANDJOO KAADATJINY (Learning Together)

How does drama foster collaborative learning? What is the power of the ensemble for learning? How does learning together, as drama professionals, enhance our practice and well-being?

DANDJOO WARNINY (Playing Together)

How does drama act as a vehicle for play in learning? What does play look like in your drama practice? How can/do we encourage more collaborative, purposeful play in our classrooms?

The DramaWest 2019 State Conference is proudly sponsored by Edith Cowan University, School of Education.

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Student Scene Writing Competition

DramaWest is pleased to announce our inaugural scene writing competition for students in Years 7-12!

Aspiring young playwrights (entered as an individual or pair) can enter an original short scene or monologue – approximately 4-8 minutes in length – for the chance to win a cash prize and have their scene performed in a live rehearsed reading at the 2019 DramaWest State conference.


Write a short scene or monologue that addresses one or more of this years’ conference themes: ‘DANDJOO’ is the Noongar word for unite/together. Together, we are stronger. When we unite, amazing things can, and do, happen.

This year, we focus on three ways of uniting together for a strong future:

  • DANDJOO WARNINY (Playing Together)
  • DANDJOO KAADATJINY (Learning Together)
  • DANDJOO KOORLINY (Walking Together)

Selected works will be also published by DramaWest as a collection of scenes for use in classrooms.

The TOP FIVE finalist entries, as selected by a panel of judges, will be workshopped with guest director/s and performed at the 2019 DramaWest State conference

The finalists will have the opportunity to participate in these workshops and contribute their perspectives to the rehearsal process.

The winning scene will be announced at the conference and will receive a grand prize of $350. The four runner-up finalist entries will receive a cash prize of $100.


*One entry per student/pair.

**Selected works will be published by DramaWest in a collection of scenes for use in the classroom. Students may nominate to have their work published anonymously if they wish.

Download the entry form here.